I know I wrote about a “Real”  job that I got, it’s most of the reason I haven’t been posting. I work full time as the front office manager at an optometry and optical office. I really enjoy it, I love the people I work with, and the company is taking care of me – IRA, paid vacation, sick time. No health (yet) but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I can stay on my parent’s until 26. There’s also something up in the air but, eh, let’s just say an opportunity. I will update accordingly.

But for this year, I don’t think I can successfully make any goals. I think last year at this time, I thought I would be in Chile now. Unfortunately, I am not. Student loans, life and I will admit it, fear got in the way. I do want to travel. I know how much it opens your horzions and makes you question what’s around you but WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP ASKING ME ABOUT JOBS? That’s how I feel. I don’t necessarily want to get a job, get married, buy house, have a family all before I’m 30. Give me some time!

What happened to fucking around in my 20s? But anyways I’ve got this “sweet gig” of a job as the bf calls it, and we will see where it leads. I’m learning a lot about insurance, and health care. Learning is good, and I haven’t given up on maybe, one day, attempting to go to Chile. It’s something I should do soon and I’m in a very good position now to do so – it’s just the loans, and the fact that this job I have now is a great first job.

Student loans suck!

That is the lesson behind my life so far. And also why I can’t seem to make any plans.

All My Plans Fall Apart

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I’ve learned alot of things this past week….how to waterfall braid my hair!!!!


I found that my local farmer’s market is not that expensive – not enough to not go to it!Image

I learned how to paint polka dots on my nails (I have to work up to my fingers, notice how it’s still really sloppy?).

I used the head of a pin. It worked out well and after I get better I’m totally doing it on my fingers.
Here’s to hopefully less radio silence from here out!

I’ve learned a…

My boyfriend told me the other day that he thinks he would not get sick as often if we ate generally vegetarian. So, I looked up tons of recipes on Tastespotting, and picked out the one that used ingredigents that I mostly had and made it the other night.

It was a soup of kale, sweet potatoes and chickpeas with broth, and you can find the recipe here. I was a bit nervous at first about making a recipe with no meat – with meat, you always know you have flavor somewhere, but I had underestimated the veggies. I also did use chicken broth instead of water because I was worried about the flavor of the soup. I used wine instead of beer, which I will not replace again because I feel like it was central to the dish, because my sweet potatoes and substituted wine did not get syrupy like the recipe said the beer would.

Overall though, it came out pretty good.

With toasted bread it was very tasty.

Once again, more later about various food adventures.

Moving Towards Vegetarian: Kale, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Soup

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Past the introductions: This Saturday, I went to yoga, came home, then put some beef, veggies, etc in to the slower cooker for stew. I used this recipe, with the couple suggestions that people wrote on the comments – flour and brown the beef, soften the onions, then move that to the slow cooker, then deglaze pan with wine and beef stock. I added a bit more wine then called for, as well as more carrots, because I had more than 2 pounds of beef! It was pretty good, we had it at night with some store bought rolls.

Other things I’ve been working on:

A shawl for who knows who.

And a scarf for my professor from last semester. Today, my boyfriend and roommate started classes. I will bring it to him soon, and yes I do have a mannequin on my kitchen table. More later.

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