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Back to Reality

Really, what happened Saturday? I made my brother and sister go out and shovel, immediately felt terrible and though they did the bulk of the work, I did go out and direct for a bit. Then. At about 4pm, I decided I did. not. want. to. cook. and we went to a chinese place next to the grocery store which happened to be open. We walked. The car was still against the garage, and held there by approximately three feet of snow.


We came home and about 6pm I found out it was probably going to be an impossibility for anyone to plow our driveway. Our friend that I had spoken to for a bit said he’d be able to possibly help but was unsure when and the other person that said they could help initially now said that the plows were having trouble pushing this much snow, let alone getting into our driveway at the right angle. And, my parent’s driveway is on one side adjacent to the neighbors driveway and on the other side there’s a 3 foot wall (which was now 7 feet). I had my siblings shovel off the wall four different times, just so we could put the snow somewhere. My dad has a snowblower but it’s small. We had to break up the snow and shovel off the top layer to get it to go through the snow blower. Otherwise, it would get buried. It was a lot of work but we finished in about 4 hours.


That was Sunday after three hours of work.

I did make the young kids shovel mostly and I worked the snow blower, which honestly wasn’t that easy because mostly I had to push it through drifts!


But I made myself some grapefruit/orange white sangria as reward.



And (baked) doughnuts too.

Hope everyone else in the northeast was able to shovel out!


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Today: The Day I Refuse to do Anything


So, that is the front of my parent’s house. I’m staying here for a week because they’re in the bahamas (right? poor them!). We got probably three feet of snow. I couldn’t see my dad’s car. Well, I still can’t. I sent my brother and sister out to shovel. I’m the best big sister!

We’re supposed to have a friend come and plow but he hasn’t come yet soooo we’ll see what happens. I hate shoveling so so so much so I really hope he comes soon!



I did get to go home early yesterday. I left at three and I was happy I did because it wasn’t easy getting home even two hours early!


I did finish this sock this morning – it’s for my cousin in California who has very, very large feet. I’m hoping to get a lot more of it done this weekend. I have today off (I’m normally working right now!), and I’m watching movies. Maybe I’ll sew later!

Everyone if you see what I see out the window, only go out to shovel!!!



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