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New York Yarn

Loft Yarn from Purl Soho. I got two skeins. I’m hoping to make a scarf (lace?) for myself.

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While everyone is waiting on my release of the newest pattern and I’m waiting to finish up a lengthy post about life (yeah I know I have control over my own posts. It’s a big one, ok? It’s nerve racking), here’s a quick knitting update:

A finished loop scarf, the pattern a copy of the Gap loop scarf from last winter. It was a quick knit, I think about 4 or 5 days, because I really just wanted it around my neck. It’s very warm and cozy.

Tonight, big plans: making dirty rice for myself for dinner (boyfriend will be home late because of work), watching netflix, and knitting.

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Past the introductions: This Saturday, I went to yoga, came home, then put some beef, veggies, etc in to the slower cooker for stew. I used this recipe, with the couple suggestions that people wrote on the comments – flour and brown the beef, soften the onions, then move that to the slow cooker, then deglaze pan with wine and beef stock. I added a bit more wine then called for, as well as more carrots, because I had more than 2 pounds of beef! It was pretty good, we had it at night with some store bought rolls.

Other things I’ve been working on:

A shawl for who knows who.

And a scarf for my professor from last semester. Today, my boyfriend and roommate started classes. I will bring it to him soon, and yes I do have a mannequin on my kitchen table. More later.

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