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Vision Expo

I went to the Vision Expo in NYC this weekend. We got up at 4am and got there for classes at 8:30am, I had classes all morning and afternoon but all Saturday I…tried on glasses. I did learn tons and I had lots of fun trying on glasses. Some of the more crazy ones where from a vintage display that one of the companies had put out.

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What’s more than this?

What's more than this?

I went to New York City yesterday with a good friend. We went to the Met and this is the Egyptian section. It was nice to get out of my normal routine of everything and go somewhere that’s more than me, more than Connecticut.

Although I did meet some people that blamed me for the world’s problems (a.k.a harassed us then called us racist. Weird combination but it happened), we also met some people that helped us with no second thought. Nearly unheard of for New Yorkers. I got to see a good friend and I got to go to Purl Soho and other various stops – more about that later.

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