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Julep Box Review

During the snow storm we had the other week, I didn’t shovel or do ANYTHING on Saturday. I did, however, shop online. Besides Graze, I’ve found a couple other monthly/weekly subscription box online things. Birch Box is another and I hope everyone’s heard of it (I’ve signed up for the waiting list for it). Graze, and then Julep is another. Julep is a nail polish one. There are good and bad reviews online if you search them, but if you use the code FREEBOX you can get your first box for free, just pay $4 for shipping. Go here to get your’s!

So I went to the website, took the style quiz, and I don’t remember what “style” I was supposedly, but I figured, $4 for two nail polishes? Plus, they gave me an option to add on three items for about 50% off of the price. This, this is why I’m writing about them. I added a Freedom topcoat to my cart. It advertised itself as a gel-like top coat for normal polish. It dries in 2-5 minutes in sunlight or in 2 minutes under a bulb. Like, just under your normal lamp. Yes, your polish itself has to be dry and it won’t dry nicely if it’s not but my nail polish has been peeling off my nails constantly. I can’t even paint my nails at night and expect them to be chip-free the next morning.

I’ve gotten a shellac manicure since which should last until next week so I’ll test it again next week, but I was very impressed over all.


I have not, though, tried any of the colors out. I love the look of them, though!


This is my manicure with the freedom top coat over it Рit lasted two days (then I took it off because of the shellac I had scheduled), with no chips. With my oily nails, this is a near miracle.

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Today: The Day I Refuse to do Anything


So, that is the front of my parent’s house. I’m staying here for a week because they’re in the bahamas (right? poor them!). We got probably three feet of snow. I couldn’t see my dad’s car. Well, I still can’t. I sent my brother and sister out to shovel. I’m the best big sister!

We’re supposed to have a friend come and plow but he hasn’t come yet soooo we’ll see what happens. I hate shoveling so so so much so I really hope he comes soon!



I did get to go home early yesterday. I left at three and I was happy I did because it wasn’t easy getting home even two hours early!


I did finish this sock this morning – it’s for my cousin in California who has very, very large feet. I’m hoping to get a lot more of it done this weekend. I have today off (I’m normally working right now!), and I’m watching movies. Maybe I’ll sew later!

Everyone if you see what I see out the window, only go out to shovel!!!



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I went to work yesterday and I didn’t feel 100%. I left a bit weird and then during the day (what a day…) I noticed a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and stuffy ears. Nothing that is a good sign.¬†Image

This is the view out of my window, and today, me and knitting and this view will be spending a lot of time together. I don’t normally get to sit in my room during daylight hours and today I’m taking advantage of it by watching the walking dead!


This is my scrappy hitchhiker! I love this pattern.

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