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Vision Expo

I went to the Vision Expo in NYC this weekend. We got up at 4am and got there for classes at 8:30am, I had classes all morning and afternoon but all Saturday I…tried on glasses. I did learn tons and I had lots of fun trying on glasses. Some of the more crazy ones where from a vintage display that one of the companies had put out.

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I know I wrote about a “Real”  job that I got, it’s most of the reason I haven’t been posting. I work full time as the front office manager at an optometry and optical office. I really enjoy it, I love the people I work with, and the company is taking care of me – IRA, paid vacation, sick time. No health (yet) but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I can stay on my parent’s until 26. There’s also something up in the air but, eh, let’s just say an opportunity. I will update accordingly.

But for this year, I don’t think I can successfully make any goals. I think last year at this time, I thought I would be in Chile now. Unfortunately, I am not. Student loans, life and I will admit it, fear got in the way. I do want to travel. I know how much it opens your horzions and makes you question what’s around you but WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP ASKING ME ABOUT JOBS? That’s how I feel. I don’t necessarily want to get a job, get married, buy house, have a family all before I’m 30. Give me some time!

What happened to fucking around in my 20s? But anyways I’ve got this “sweet gig” of a job as the bf calls it, and we will see where it leads. I’m learning a lot about insurance, and health care. Learning is good, and I haven’t given up on maybe, one day, attempting to go to Chile. It’s something I should do soon and I’m in a very good position now to do so – it’s just the loans, and the fact that this job I have now is a great first job.

Student loans suck!

That is the lesson behind my life so far. And also why I can’t seem to make any plans.

All My Plans Fall Apart

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