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A Day Trip: Northampton

I went to Northampton yesterday. I end up going up there every year around this time, and it’s normally to visit WEBS, the giant yarn store in Northampton, but we ended up going on a Sunday, when they’re closed.

I love the town. It’s very focused on local, organic and sustainability. It’s so incredibly hipster. I love it. There’s owls, nail art and yarn everywhere. Everything I like. One day, I’d love to live in that area!

We walked around most of the day and shopped. Boyfriends came too and it was fun to get lunch out too (we went to the Northampton Brewery, which I really recommend). It was a good lunch.


I thought these soaps were so interesting! Bicycle power? They weren’t even packaged! Just had a little sticker on the outside. I have ridiculous amounts of handmade soap so I didn’t get any of these but I did get a shampoo bar. I have three of them already. I think maybe I should stop buy soap for a while.



The BF kept telling me I shouldn’t like this. But I’m pretty sure that’s a print of Elizabeth Zimmermann, so I do love it. It was right near the parking garage we were in.



I love this little bakery. We got some cookies and meringues. I also bought some chocolates which didn’t last long, hence no picture.



I found that book in a used book store (there are 3? in northampton!) and I may not knit any of the patterns but I love the history behind it. All the sweater patterns are inspired by the styles that an Ohio knitting mill made over the decades. I think it’d make a great coffee table book!

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Starting anew

To introduce myself: former blogger of Death by Knitting, current tumblratron at Turned into Everything (which evolved from a fashion blog), and recent college graduate.
Avid knitter, baker, and chef. Would love to be avid seamstress as well, but current living situations do not lead to successful sewing (two male roommates: a boyfriend and a good friend, with many male friends, uninterrupted sewing time would not be easy to find).
Employment: Primary, I am a nanny; to one family of very young children and another of older but still young children. Secondarily, a substitute teacher. During all of these jobs, I find time to knit. And I’m always thinking about food, specifically, what to make for dinner.

Because of the whole “recent college graduate” thing, I’m slightly bored. I stopped writing Death by Knitting because I was too busy, but now, instead of coming home to essays and readings, I find nothing is on my plate, therefore, I want to make my own knitting patterns, and make my own dinner consistently (everyday is crazy, but I can definitely be consistent) as well as drink a lot of wine. In this blog I hope to do all of this.

For today: I have improvised a couple scarf patterns as of late and though one is published in Ravelry, I hope to publish the other along with it’s accompanying hat pattern soon: so look forward to that. Today, I made coco au vin – the easy version my mom makes. Next time, I promise pictures and a guide for a recipe.

This weekend: Any suggestions for fancy cookies? I am required to bring a dessert for a family function, finger-food-like.

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