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A Day Trip: Northampton

I went to Northampton yesterday. I end up going up there every year around this time, and it’s normally to visit WEBS, the giant yarn store in Northampton, but we ended up going on a Sunday, when they’re closed.

I love the town. It’s very focused on local, organic and sustainability. It’s so incredibly hipster. I love it. There’s owls, nail art and yarn everywhere. Everything I like. One day, I’d love to live in that area!

We walked around most of the day and shopped. Boyfriends came too and it was fun to get lunch out too (we went to the Northampton Brewery, which I really recommend). It was a good lunch.


I thought these soaps were so interesting! Bicycle power? They weren’t even packaged! Just had a little sticker on the outside. I have ridiculous amounts of handmade soap so I didn’t get any of these but I did get a shampoo bar. I have three of them already. I think maybe I should stop buy soap for a while.



The BF kept telling me I shouldn’t like this. But I’m pretty sure that’s a print of Elizabeth Zimmermann, so I do love it. It was right near the parking garage we were in.



I love this little bakery. We got some cookies and meringues. I also bought some chocolates which didn’t last long, hence no picture.



I found that book in a used book store (there are 3? in northampton!) and I may not knit any of the patterns but I love the history behind it. All the sweater patterns are inspired by the styles that an Ohio knitting mill made over the decades. I think it’d make a great coffee table book!

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Now, for something completely different:

I moved in with my grandpa. (He’s doing a favor for me, not me for him, I had nowhere to live, and very suddenly)

He’s allegric to gluten (like, gets hives). I’m lactose intolerant (by varying degrees but generally stay away from cheese and milk. Yogurt and I are best friends, I’ve never had any problems with “real” yogurt).

Together, we cannot eat about 95% of my favorite things. Lucky for me, he’s very outgoing in the food department. I have plans for both Thai and Indian curries as well as some butternut squash, carrot and sweet potato soup that I think he will like.

Our meals normally center around a slow cooker. Thank god, I found one shortly after I moved in – it has been a life saver. I work teaching until 4pm, then go to the health center and work three or four more hours, so I’m rarely home before 7pm.  Even though prepping the dinner the night before is hard on me after coming home late already, it’s better than not having any dinner at all the next night!

Tonight: Beef stew.

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These cupcakes: (my roommate brought a couple home from a family party)

Led to Josh (boyfriend) asking me to make him cupcakes before he gets home from work tonight at 10. The conversation went like this:

Me: Are you sure? It’s going to be dinner or cupcakes, not both. Are you sure you want cupcakes?

Josh: Yes, unless you can make steak for dinner, I want cupcakes.

(No steak because we have talked repeated about how he wants it but we do not have a grill!)

So I looked up a recipe for the cake and the frosting and, now:


And literally the best I’ve ever made. It started with this recipe for the cake part, then this for the frosting. And, really the name for that recipe for the frosting is called “That’s the best I’ve ever had” and it’s true. I also like that it uses regular sugar because honestly, frosting is the only reason I have confectioner’s (powdered) sugar in the house. The cake recipe is really tasty as well, I think the extra yolk helps the recipe stay moist and yellow-y.

The recipe has you whisk flour (I know) and milk on the stove until thickened, then add it (after it cools with vanilla) to a creamed butter and sugar mixture. Beat it until it looks like whipped cream. Then you taste it, and almost eat the whole bowl, pull all your willpower to just FROST the cupcakes without eating ALL the frosting, and then spoon some out of the bowl to eat. Then figure if you don’t put what remains of the frosting on the cupcakes, you will end up just scraping down the bowl with your tongue. After that ordeal, I figured I needed to get rid of some of them before all of the cupcakes were in my stomach, so I gave some to the neighbors. Thank god for them.

To make myself feel a bit better about this frosting and cupcake problem, I made roasted veggies for dinner. Sadly I put too much wine and olive oil on them so they were a bit rich (I know, how in the world did I do that?) but still tasty. I made quick, fake stuffed mushrooms by putting garlic cloves under breadcrumbs and pouring wine and olive oil over them, and they were not bad!

Up next: Yarn, knitting, and LOTS of backlogged cooking adventures!

Happy Valentine’s Day if it is important to you, for me and my loved one, we don’t care so much for it but apparently I made cupcakes anyways?

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I bake, I sit and knit

And then I go to yoga, an hour and a half of working out my kinks, and I feel better. Mostly because I’ve been eating lovely fattening delicious foods and sitting on my butt and knitting but also because it makes me calmer, more connected with the fact that my body is part of me, and it does a lot of my bidding.

Today: first, yoga, then home, shopping with Mullica (cheap shopping nothing exciting) and then to my aunt’s and uncle’s. I love them and my little cousin and I haven’t spent enough time with them recently.

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