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Happy New Years, Aka the most creative title you’ve ever seen

Happy New Years, Aka the most creative title you've ever seen

This was new year’s eve, last night.
I want to
See where this life takes me.
Travel to at least one place, even if it only ends up being my grandparent’s vacation home in maine where I’ve been 40 million times. Just travel. I should also go places I’ve never been.
Visit people that I like. I think a lot of my life I have just stayed or hung out with people that I don’t particularly like because they are convenient. Let’s stop that. I have too many friends I’ve lost touch with solely because of distance.

We threw a party at my boyfriend’s brother’s, we were dog sitting and the dogs are great party dogs. We had a friend’s band play and it was the only “college” type party I’ve ever successfully thrown. I hope next time, there’s more food, less beer pong and more sangria. I didn’t make enough.

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Where to go from here?

Today, I found out I was not accepted in to Teach for America. I’m conflicted about it – my type-A, planning personality is now concerned about what I’m going to do next year. It seems I’m back where I started, unsure of what I’m doing in the summer (just like I was for this summer). I have trouble with the concept of “it will work out” and always have.

But I’ve also read a lot of negative commentary on the TFA – commentary that really resounds with me. Stuff about how the TFA program is set up for only a two year commitment – and should teaching be a career? Something that you come back to every year to show the students you are trying to teach consistency?

What stressed me the most I think was the fact that TFA apparently has contracts with school districts so in some cases, veteran teachers may be out of the job because of a TFAer. In my experience, this has not happened but I could see how it could (but don’t believe everything you read on the internet). I don’t think a first year teacher who has signed up for the experience would ever be a better teacher than even one who has taught a few years.

So here I am, back to no plans, substitute teaching and still contemplating what I’d like to do with my next ten years – my years as I see it to do whatever the f- I want – move, travel, pay off loans (not that I want to do that), and figure it out. 30s are the new 20s, right? Right.

(I’ll keep updating – going to apply for teacher residency programs, teaching abroad in Spain, etc. I do want to teach, somewhere full time, one day. Just not in Connecticut)

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Moving up – hopefully

I had an interview (on the phone) today. It went well, and I will find out soon if I have the job. Without exhausting everyone with¬†details, it can be called a small beginning, but I hope if I get it will lead to bigger and better things. I think the reason I got this interview is the universe: Three or so days ago, right before I wrote my last post, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t absolutely need a job before the summer and that if I didn’t get one the WHOLE summer, I would live. That if I didn’t get an awesome job right out of college, I would be emotionally alright. And tada, an interview pops up. The universe knew I was balanced and didn’t think I NEEDED this job to live and be happy with myself.


floor picture-21st birthday

(The only question I may or may not have screwed up on is the “ideal job” question – I was honest, and I didn’t describe the job I was interviewing for, but I didn’t want to suck up so I feel like I did the right thing)

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