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What’s more than this?

What's more than this?

I went to New York City yesterday with a good friend. We went to the Met and this is the Egyptian section. It was nice to get out of my normal routine of everything and go somewhere that’s more than me, more than Connecticut.

Although I did meet some people that blamed me for the world’s problems (a.k.a harassed us then called us racist. Weird combination but it happened), we also met some people that helped us with no second thought. Nearly unheard of for New Yorkers. I got to see a good friend and I got to go to Purl Soho and other various stops – more about that later.

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Loopy Gloves, sans ends!

Loopy Gloves, sans ends!

A better photo of Josh’s grandma’s gloves. They fit her perfectly. I’m getting really good at making things for people who aren’t with me at the time. It’s a good skill to have. (Click the picture for my ravelry project page)

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Finally Christmas

Finally Christmas

I know, it’s not Christmas. This is a christmas present I just finished this weekend. Pathetic. I want to take a picture of them on the recipient’s hands but the specs are:
Pattern: Froot Loop Gloves (click picture for Rav link!) They were free and I’ve made the socks with the same pattern. I thought these looked so elegant.
Yarn: Shibui Merino Silk, a bit over 1 skein (I used the second for the last two fingers!)
Needles: Size 1 circs and DPNS
Mods: I made two pairs of gloves this year and both I decreased two stitches on each finger on the first round. I have large hands for a woman and my boyfriend’s grandma (who these are for) and mother both have small hands.

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Makings of Sangria

Makings of Sangria

I will show the end product later but basically I used that wine, it was 1.75 liters, then two oranges, one apple, two cinnamon sticks, 1/2 a vanilla bean, 1 cup of brandy and 1/2 cup of Triple Sec. I will be making it again. So yummy. And strong.

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Happy New Years, Aka the most creative title you’ve ever seen

Happy New Years, Aka the most creative title you've ever seen

This was new year’s eve, last night.
I want to
See where this life takes me.
Travel to at least one place, even if it only ends up being my grandparent’s vacation home in maine where I’ve been 40 million times. Just travel. I should also go places I’ve never been.
Visit people that I like. I think a lot of my life I have just stayed or hung out with people that I don’t particularly like because they are convenient. Let’s stop that. I have too many friends I’ve lost touch with solely because of distance.

We threw a party at my boyfriend’s brother’s, we were dog sitting and the dogs are great party dogs. We had a friend’s band play and it was the only “college” type party I’ve ever successfully thrown. I hope next time, there’s more food, less beer pong and more sangria. I didn’t make enough.

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Here we go again

Last year, I lost power on October 30th and didn’t get it back til Nov. 2nd. My boyfriend’s mother didn’t get it back until over a week later. We were cold, frustrated and poor (students don’t generally get paid sick days from their various jobs). 

This year, I’m at my grandpa’s and he has a fireplace but no gas stove. I have chicken (cooked) in the fridge and bread for maybe some sandwiches. I cooked up all the shrimp we had and made shrimp cocktail. I have some ramen soup (and a camp stove!). So I feel more prepared. I have a flashlight close to my bed. I have lots of knitting and I’ve charged all my devices. 

Lights keep flickering. I don’t “need” power so I try not to be upset when it goes out but it’s very frustrating. Image

This is my recently finished Pogona. I loved knitting it, I may knit another. I have several projects in my head for this inevitable knitting time I have. I just started some pink socks.

Anyways, everyone stay safe, buckle up (figureatively please don’t get in a car right now!!!) and get ready for the storm!

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Now, for something completely different:

I moved in with my grandpa. (He’s doing a favor for me, not me for him, I had nowhere to live, and very suddenly)

He’s allegric to gluten (like, gets hives). I’m lactose intolerant (by varying degrees but generally stay away from cheese and milk. Yogurt and I are best friends, I’ve never had any problems with “real” yogurt).

Together, we cannot eat about 95% of my favorite things. Lucky for me, he’s very outgoing in the food department. I have plans for both Thai and Indian curries as well as some butternut squash, carrot and sweet potato soup that I think he will like.

Our meals normally center around a slow cooker. Thank god, I found one shortly after I moved in – it has been a life saver. I work teaching until 4pm, then go to the health center and work three or four more hours, so I’m rarely home before 7pm.  Even though prepping the dinner the night before is hard on me after coming home late already, it’s better than not having any dinner at all the next night!

Tonight: Beef stew.

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Handmade Soap Obsession

The top one I just bought at a fair, and the others I bought as part of an online deal from an Etsy shop. I have four more bars in use in the bathroom…..Image

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Obsession: Coconut oil


I recently found a recipe somewhere for some kind of shower moisturizer with just coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. I’ve been shopping around for those things, but I really really wanted the coconut oil because I’ve heard you can moisturize as well as cook with it. I also love the taste of coconut and the smell… so I wanted some. I went to trader Joe’s and this was surprising cheap, only $6. I just finished making some muffins with it and I’ve used it on my hands (oh, a spill on the counter when cooking? let me clean it up with my hands and use the oil as lotion!) and my hair. I smell tropical. I still want to make that shower moisturizer (probably as christmas gifts) and I’m planning on making some granola with it as well!


I’ve learned alot of things this past week….how to waterfall braid my hair!!!!


I found that my local farmer’s market is not that expensive – not enough to not go to it!Image

I learned how to paint polka dots on my nails (I have to work up to my fingers, notice how it’s still really sloppy?).

I used the head of a pin. It worked out well and after I get better I’m totally doing it on my fingers.
Here’s to hopefully less radio silence from here out!

I’ve learned a…