Sometimes you hit it right

Sometimes you hit it right

I went to Saver’s today, a chain of thrift stores that is extremely organized and well laid out.

I normally can’t find anything – everything I like is the wrong size or doesn’t fit right but this was just my day. A silk blouse and black dress from banana republic? The dress looks like it’s never really been worn and the blouse is lovely though it does need to be cleaned. A blazer for $6, looks vintage but probably is only from the 1990s, judging by the condition. I love it all – for $28 total.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes you hit it right

  1. Mama says:

    Responding to your comment to the Harlot – my 27 year old daughter still needs her family-of-origin for support (man-, knitting-, and cooking advice, to start), and actually, I still need mine. If my Mom were still alive, I would be telling her all my sorrows and joys, asking her for recipes, bragging about my latest victory. As it is, I use my sisters and daughters for this.

    I’m glad you have a family that supports you. You are blessed, at least that’s what it looks like from here.

    Best wishes,

    • I think I mean support in a more literal way – I live at my grandpa’s house! But I am EXTREMELY lucky in that my family has always been supportive and I even lived at home during most of college, not paying any rent or food costs. If I’m your daughter’s age and I’m not asking for advice of that nature….the ONLY way that wouldn’t happen is if something terrible happens. I call my nana if I need to know how long to cook something or if something looks strange in the kitchen, and even though I can sew, my mom has the sewing machine so she’s mended stuff for me… I could never imagine not having the emotional,physical, and financial support I have from my family. I am still young but it has crossed my mind that in the next ten years it’ll be time for me to give back. My grandfathers will be 92 then, nana 82 (and probably still going strong), but everyone will need more help. I suppose I feel guilty that I haven’t started giving back already! I know I shouldn’t but still – I worry about it. Guilt is a cousin of worry I suppose! Thank you for my comment, I am truly blessed. I hope you are as well.

      • Mama says:

        Throw guilt out the window! Do what you think is *right* and don’t beat yourself up about it, even if it turns out to be wrong. None of us can predict the future. Anita Luvera Mayer wrote an unavailable book “I don’t do guilt any more”. It was full of good advice, most of which I have forgotten. Oh, well.

  2. April F says:

    Three good finds and all classic pieces that are interchangeable…you scored!

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