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I know I wrote about a “Real”  job that I got, it’s most of the reason I haven’t been posting. I work full time as the front office manager at an optometry and optical office. I really enjoy it, I love the people I work with, and the company is taking care of me – IRA, paid vacation, sick time. No health (yet) but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I can stay on my parent’s until 26. There’s also something up in the air but, eh, let’s just say an opportunity. I will update accordingly.

But for this year, I don’t think I can successfully make any goals. I think last year at this time, I thought I would be in Chile now. Unfortunately, I am not. Student loans, life and I will admit it, fear got in the way. I do want to travel. I know how much it opens your horzions and makes you question what’s around you but WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP ASKING ME ABOUT JOBS? That’s how I feel. I don’t necessarily want to get a job, get married, buy house, have a family all before I’m 30. Give me some time!

What happened to fucking around in my 20s? But anyways I’ve got this “sweet gig” of a job as the bf calls it, and we will see where it leads. I’m learning a lot about insurance, and health care. Learning is good, and I haven’t given up on maybe, one day, attempting to go to Chile. It’s something I should do soon and I’m in a very good position now to do so – it’s just the loans, and the fact that this job I have now is a great first job.

Student loans suck!

That is the lesson behind my life so far. And also why I can’t seem to make any plans.

All My Plans Fall Apart

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Sometimes you hit it right

Sometimes you hit it right

I went to Saver’s today, a chain of thrift stores that is extremely organized and well laid out.

I normally can’t find anything – everything I like is the wrong size or doesn’t fit right but this was just my day. A silk blouse and black dress from banana republic? The dress looks like it’s never really been worn and the blouse is lovely though it does need to be cleaned. A blazer for $6, looks vintage but probably is only from the 1990s, judging by the condition. I love it all – for $28 total.

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A Day Trip: Northampton

I went to Northampton yesterday. I end up going up there every year around this time, and it’s normally to visit WEBS, the giant yarn store in Northampton, but we ended up going on a Sunday, when they’re closed.

I love the town. It’s very focused on local, organic and sustainability. It’s so incredibly hipster. I love it. There’s owls, nail art and yarn everywhere. Everything I like. One day, I’d love to live in that area!

We walked around most of the day and shopped. Boyfriends came too and it was fun to get lunch out too (we went to the Northampton Brewery, which I really recommend). It was a good lunch.


I thought these soaps were so interesting! Bicycle power? They weren’t even packaged! Just had a little sticker on the outside. I have ridiculous amounts of handmade soap so I didn’t get any of these but I did get a shampoo bar. I have three of them already. I think maybe I should stop buy soap for a while.



The BF kept telling me I shouldn’t like this. But I’m pretty sure that’s a print of Elizabeth Zimmermann, so I do love it. It was right near the parking garage we were in.



I love this little bakery. We got some cookies and meringues. I also bought some chocolates which didn’t last long, hence no picture.



I found that book in a used book store (there are 3? in northampton!) and I may not knit any of the patterns but I love the history behind it. All the sweater patterns are inspired by the styles that an Ohio knitting mill made over the decades. I think it’d make a great coffee table book!

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Loopy Gloves, sans ends!

Loopy Gloves, sans ends!

A better photo of Josh’s grandma’s gloves. They fit her perfectly. I’m getting really good at making things for people who aren’t with me at the time. It’s a good skill to have. (Click the picture for my ravelry project page)

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Finally Christmas

Finally Christmas

I know, it’s not Christmas. This is a christmas present I just finished this weekend. Pathetic. I want to take a picture of them on the recipient’s hands but the specs are:
Pattern: Froot Loop Gloves (click picture for Rav link!) They were free and I’ve made the socks with the same pattern. I thought these looked so elegant.
Yarn: Shibui Merino Silk, a bit over 1 skein (I used the second for the last two fingers!)
Needles: Size 1 circs and DPNS
Mods: I made two pairs of gloves this year and both I decreased two stitches on each finger on the first round. I have large hands for a woman and my boyfriend’s grandma (who these are for) and mother both have small hands.

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Makings of Sangria

Makings of Sangria

I will show the end product later but basically I used that wine, it was 1.75 liters, then two oranges, one apple, two cinnamon sticks, 1/2 a vanilla bean, 1 cup of brandy and 1/2 cup of Triple Sec. I will be making it again. So yummy. And strong.

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Happy New Years, Aka the most creative title you’ve ever seen

Happy New Years, Aka the most creative title you've ever seen

This was new year’s eve, last night.
I want to
See where this life takes me.
Travel to at least one place, even if it only ends up being my grandparent’s vacation home in maine where I’ve been 40 million times. Just travel. I should also go places I’ve never been.
Visit people that I like. I think a lot of my life I have just stayed or hung out with people that I don’t particularly like because they are convenient. Let’s stop that. I have too many friends I’ve lost touch with solely because of distance.

We threw a party at my boyfriend’s brother’s, we were dog sitting and the dogs are great party dogs. We had a friend’s band play and it was the only “college” type party I’ve ever successfully thrown. I hope next time, there’s more food, less beer pong and more sangria. I didn’t make enough.

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