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Blue FeatherWeight

I finished my sweater that I’ve been working on since may – it made good knitting for the past couple months, it was simple knitting and I didn’t need the pattern most of the time. ImagePattern: Featherweight Cardigan

Yarn: Madtosh Laceweight

Needles: Size 4 US

Mods: Made it longer, knit it with an extra increase in the increases on the top.

It will be a good work sweater in my freezing office.

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I’ve learned alot of things this past week….how to waterfall braid my hair!!!!


I found that my local farmer’s market is not that expensive – not enough to not go to it!Image

I learned how to paint polka dots on my nails (I have to work up to my fingers, notice how it’s still really sloppy?).

I used the head of a pin. It worked out well and after I get better I’m totally doing it on my fingers.
Here’s to hopefully less radio silence from here out!

I’ve learned a…