What a BA in Anthropology Leads to…..

I’m not sure what I want to do in life. I graduated college, I’m substitute teaching, and part of me wants to teach. I love kids, and I do like teaching. It’s lame but I feel like I have a lot to tell kids, not like my own kids, but like lots of kids need to hear it, you know? When I’m in a class more than once we end up talking about stuff that’s not just what they “have” to learn, but what they’re interested in.

But on the other hand, I find myself just plain wanting to help people and make their lives better. It doesn’t matter how many kids I tell that they need college even if they want to be a basketball star (or a singer, or a football player) if they can’t get to college. Or if they can’t get in to college because damn the schools in inner cities are not up to par. Yes, better but not to the best yet. How to improve this? How to improve their lives when really, what I see the most need for is a consistent person to tell them, yes school does matter, and yes you can do this math problem and really this math problem is only the beginning, you need to get through ten more years of school and do your damn best and then maybe just maybe you’ll get into a college to do what you really wanted to do in life.

And then when they graduate, how can I lie to them and tell them that yes, of course you’ll find a job even though I can’t find what I want to do and get a job in it. How to tell the kids I see everyday, hopeful kids, that there is no money and no happiness in helping people. How did we get here? How do I change it?

I’m sure this cliché and I’m sure every student who just graduated with a BA in Anthropology wants to change the world. I guess I want to be satistifed every night and be willing to get up and go to the work in the morning. I think that’s what most people who live in a capitalistic society want though. We’ve “improved” the human experience – how? By making human emotions so difficult to subdue.

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