Working Forward

Worked this week – not as a substitute teacher, but just as a nanny. It was a pretty easy week. I’ve started a sweater.

Every winter, I feel like there’s this race after Christmas. Yes, there’s a race to finish Christmas knitting, and every year I tell myself that I won’t do it this year, it was too difficult last year, don’t put yourself through that, etc. But every year, I end up getting one request or another from someone in the family for a knit item, and there it goes, I end up knitting for everyone!

But after Christmas, here I am, almost a month past it, and I feel like I haven’t really knit for myself or those really close to me, and I remember how every year it really sucks to finish things for winter in like April or May. And you have to wait until next winter to wear whatever was made during the spring from last year.

I want to finish the sweater I started, finish three pairs of socks (for Nana, boyfriend and boyfriend’s brother), at least one scarf, and I would like to make a couple patterns all before March. Is it possible? We will see. It might be, with weekends off and a job that I can knit during!

(The sweater, in Cascade 220, pattern is White Pine)

Today is a good day to get some of that knitting done, but sadly, no baking because of no eggs! And as you can see…. I’d rather not have to go out!

I’ll update soon about upcoming and current designs of mine.

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